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When involved in a car accident, it often is not clear what to do next. Even when individuals do take care to exchange information with other involved parties, contact the authorities, document the scene of the accident, and visit a medical professional, the next steps may be cloudy. Our car accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw understands this confusion. We have attorneys with decades of experience throughout the entire state of Texas who can help navigate this messy process and help car accident victims get the guidance and compensation they need. Our Laredo car accident lawyer is here to help. More on this website

Personal Injury in Laredo, Texas: How Can a Lawyer Help

The common assumption made by those involved in a car accident is that insurance companies will cover any damages sustained during a collision. This assumption is not misguided either; insurance is supposed to ensure people will get the financial help they need, while also preventing any unreasonable costs. That said, the fact remains that dealing with insurers is not always as simple as we would like.

Insurance companies generally try to establish fault elsewhere to avoid covering expensive payments. They likewise can often fail to fully cover damages even when they do agree to provide payment, especially if a person’s insurance coverage is minimal. Insurance companies can therefore be hard to deal with on your own, and may offer a payout to cover any damages that is not enough.

Trust a Carabin Shaw personal injury attorney in Laredo to communicate effectively with insurers and ensure the wrongful party who caused your car accident is held liable. The lawyers of Carabin Shaw have access to a team of investigators who work tirelessly for our clients. Our Laredo, Texas personal injury attorneys have the legal know-how to help you deal with insurers and obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf.

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What Happens if Insurance Doesn’t Cover My Damages?

While the state of Texas does require a minimum amount of coverage that drivers must-have, this coverage may still be inadequate in covering the costs that come with a motor vehicle accident.

Even in cases where no person sustained the injury, an insurer may not cover the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, the sheer weight of the medical bills left uncovered by an insurer can drive people to bankruptcy.

A Laredo accident lawyer at Carabin Shaw can help you or your loved one cover those damages. Civil courts exist so that wronged parties can get the necessary financial restitution needed to move on with their lives to the best of their ability; having burdensome costs resulting in the aftermath of a car accident is one such situation. Through the use of an experienced personal injury defense lawyer in Laredo, victims of car accidents can get the necessary damages they need to start recovering mentally, physically, and financially. Likewise, getting the necessary legal defense when being sued for negligent driving is vital.

Why Take My Case to Civil Court?

Chances are if there is a party who is clearly at fault in a car accident, there may be a specific law that the party violated. This legal violation can of course be handled by the criminal justice system, with the police building a case against the person at fault and the individual even possibly being found guilty in a court of law. However, this process is focused on criminal justice. It is highly unlikely that any criminal sentencing will result in financial help for a victim of a car accident.

It is through the civil courts that victims of car accidents can be awarded such financial assistance, through damages. A personal injury attorney in Laredo can help in navigating the civil court system and get you the monetary support you are owed.

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