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Our fair city has an incredible number of vehicles on the roads. With the sheer number of vehicles, it is very important to understand the auto accident laws so that in the event of an auto accident, you are prepared for every possibility. car accident attorneys

First, every driver is required to carry liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection. However, just because the law requires this coverage, this does not mean that all drivers comply with these laws. In fact, collisions involving uninsured motorists are somewhat frequent in the city; thus the need for uninsured motorist coverage for your vehicle.

Second, the law requires that every motorist involved in an auto accident exchanges insurance information with those involved in the accident. This should include personal information, such as name and telephone number, as well as insurance information, such as company name, the name of the insurance agent if applicable, the telephone number of the agency and the insurance policy number. What do you do if someone speeds away after an accident involving you? The best thing to do is to write down their license plate number, as well as a general description of the vehicle. You can give this information to the police when they arrive.

Now, there are two caveats to this rule. First, if a parked vehicle was involved, you must locate the owner or driver of the vehicle and exchange information with them. While this may seem a daunting task, you can actually call the police, inform them of the accident and the fact that a parked vehicle was involved and they will be prepared for this when they arrive at the scene. Second, if an animal was involved (a pet), then the owner of the animal should be located and informed of the accident and the condition of the animal.

If property damage to a vehicle exceeds $1, 0001 (an easy thing to do), then motorists must fill out form MV-104. The police officers will take care of this when they arrive on the scene. However, if you and the other individuals do not choose to call the police, you have 10 days to fill out this form. Under state law, not doing so can result in serious consequences, such as license suspension and more. Personal injury or death due to an accident must be reported to the police immediately through 911. In fact, calling 911 in the event of any auto accident is a good idea, unless there is no damage or it is extremely minimal.truck accident attorneys

If the police do make an appearance on the scene, there will be several forms to fill out, as well as the forms that the officers are required to fill out. Together these constitute your accident report. Obtaining a copy of this report is highly recommended and even required in some cases. You can visit the police precinct where the accident was filed and receive a copy after the report is available (calling first is a good idea). You can also obtain a copy through the DMV.

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