Fatal Texas Motorcycle Wrecks

When you process the statistics provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, you can see that more than one person per day dies on average in motorcycle accidents. In other words, if this tragedy has befallen your family, then you are not alone. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make your loss any easier to take. motorcycle accident lawyers - bike crash attorneys

Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you ensure all of the parties who caused or contributed to the cause of your family member’s death are brought to justice and forced to pay for the loved one they have stolen from your family. You may pursue restitution through a wrongful death lawsuit if someone else’s negligent behavior caused the death of your loved one. Determining who is to blame isn’t always easy. Several different parties could be responsible in whole or in part for any motorcycle accident. In many cases, you will need the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney merely to determine who caused the accident and from whom you can pursue compensation.

When a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, the surviving family members may seek both wrongful death damages and survival damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death damages are intended to allow surviving spouses, children, parents, and some dependent relatives to seek compensation for the losses they’ve incurred individually as a result of the death of their loved one. Such wrongful death damages may include funeral expenses, medical bills incurred by the deceased before he or she died, mental and emotional distress, loss of financial support supplied by the victim before death, and loss of consortium, parental guidance, and familial. Individual claims can be filed for each one of these family members who suffer losses. Conversely, the closest living relative of the deceased is the only family member who can seek survival damages, which may include lost salary for work missed while the victim would have been in recovery, lost future earning capacity as a result of possible long-term disabilities, the mental trauma the victim would have coped with while dealing with the injury, and the physical pain and suffering experienced during the accident itself. While thinking about money may seem distasteful after a member of your family has died, there’s additional motivation to file a wrongful death lawsuit. There’s a far more universal reason to file a wrongful death lawsuit. By bringing the negligent party to justice and making them pay, you can provide the necessary encouragement to convince the negligent party to change the fatally flawed behavior. In most fatal motorcycle accidents, no criminal charges will be filed against the negligent party, unless the driver was drunk, under the influence of drugs, or intentionally caused the accident. You and your family have a very important responsibility to bring the wrongdoer to justice so that you can prevent the negligent party from continuing his or her dangerous behavior and potentially robbing other people of their loved ones. More information here @ https://caraccidentattorneysa.com/motorcycle-accident-attorney-texas/

In addition, as we’ve already discussed it’s not always to put a finger on the cause of a wreck. Liable parties can include the driver of any of the vehicles, the maker of a defective vehicle or vehicle component. If you’re going to accurately sort through all of the possible reasons a fatal motorcycle accident may have occurred, then you will need the assistance of a professional investigator, like the skilled motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm. For two decades, our lawyers have been investigating motorcycle accident cases and finding the evidence we need to prevail with litigation. We understand how quickly evidence tends to disappear or become altered in motorcycle accident cases, so we begin our professional investigation as soon as we’re hired. Our investigators rush to the scene of the wreck as soon we’re hired. We sequester and examine the motorcycle and any other vehicles involved in the accident, and we find and interview any available witnesses. Searching the scene of the accident, we will uncover any pertinent physical evidence, as well as, video or photographic documentation of the wreck, and we’ll scour through every police report. If the evidence is there, we will find it.

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