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The Attorney for the Person Who Injured Me is Trying to Call or Contact Me, What Should I Do?

Attorneys are held to a very high standard in society in the way that they carry themselves both professionally and socially. In fact, there is an entire code of professional conduct that dictates what can and cannot be done by lawyers in order to keep the vocation that’s given a great deal of respect. When these rules are broken drastic measures are taken that can result in disciplinary action. Lawyers can be suspended or even have their license revoked permanently for breaking this code of conduct.accident injury lawyers

When you have been injured and are seeking legal recourse, attorneys wishing to extract information from you or wishing to represent you and benefit financially from your loss will undoubtedly contact you. The attorneys at Our Law Office have received consistent awards and acknowledgements from many respected associations for their integrity, honesty and professional accomplishments in the field of law. If you have been injured, you need to be represented by an attorney who has your best interests at heart. That is just what is offered by the attorneys in our firm. You may not realize when attorneys may be breaking these codes of conduct or committing malpractice. We understand the pain and suffering that can result from the loss of a loved one or your own personal injuries, and we conduct our practice in a way that seeks to make sure that you are able to receive whatever financial compensation is necessary to help you recover from these tragedies. This article will discuss what you should do if an attorney representing the party that injured you contacts you to ensure that your interests are protected. Check out this website @ https://fordandlaurel.com/

Are Attorneys for the Defendant Allowed to Communicate With Me?

The simple answer to this question is, NO. However, this hinges upon whether you have retained legal counsel to represent you in the matter. Under the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 4.02(a) states that when representing a client a lawyer may not communicate with, or cause or encourage another party to communicate with you about the lawsuit at hand if he knows you are represented by another attorney on that case. The only time in which it would be appropriate for the other lawyer to call you and discuss the pending litigation with you would be if your lawyer gave them consent to do so. If the lawyer knows or should reasonably know by the circumstances that an attorney represents you, then they should not be contacting you at all. In fact, if this does occur you should contact your lawyer immediately because attorneys have an obligation to report instances of misconduct by other counselors. The addition of the statement that they may not encourage another person to obtain information from you without the authorization of your lawyer expands the rule to provide even more protection to you. If you have retained skilled legal counsel such as the attorneys at our law office, by no means whatsoever should the attorney of the other side attempt to extract valuable information from you. This is prohibited conduct. This is basically an illegal method of obtaining evidence to prevent you from recovering, and it is not allowed.

What if I am Contacted by the Other Lawyer and I am Unrepresented?

If you have not retained legal representation for your cause of action and are contacted by an attorney, there are certain rules that govern how lawyers interact with you as well. The Texas rule states that a lawyer, when conducting the representation of his client may not represent to you that they are disinterested in the matter in an effort to get information from you that will benefit their client. More here @ https://www.carabinshaw.com/el-paso-18-wheeler-accidents.html

Furthermore, the rule states that when the lawyer knows or should reasonably know that you do not understand what his role is in relation to the case then they should make sure to clarify the fact that they are in fact representing the party that injured you. In other words, they cannot play dumb in a way to try to get you to make statements that are detrimental to your case. This is one of the reasons that it is so incredibly important that you seek representation immediately to protect your cause of action. You can easily be taken advantage of and not realize that you are saying things that will jeopardize your ability to recover for your losses. Our attorneys have been representing clients in personal injury lawsuits for decades, and maintain a very well respected and reputable law practice. We want to protect your interests so that you are able to get what you deserve. Do not allow other attorneys to contact you and solicit information that could kill your potential lawsuit. We strive to make sure our clients have the best legal representation available. In order to make sure that your theory of recovery is protected contact us.

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